Tan Sri Dr Omar

Harmony Award


The Tan Sri Dr Omar Harmony Award is instituted by UCSI University to recognise activities that promote cohesion and harmony among the community of different racial, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Its aim is also to build awareness and understanding of our national heritage and the unifying value system based on respect, trust, transparency, tolerance and accommodation.


The application for the Awards shall be sent to Student Affairs and Alumni not later than 9 September 2019. Application is open to all UCSI students above the age of 19.

Applications shall be accompanied by a typed script in English indicating the outstanding contribution of the individual/organisation duly signed by the person making the application indicating the reasons why he/she considers him/herself or the organisation as deserving the Award as per the requirement in the application form.

Application form should be duly completed in all respects along with the requisite information/write ups/scripts, etc. including name of the participating organisations, name of all participants, title of project, dates of the projects and location where the project was performed.

Documents/ papers once submitted to the Secretariat are non-returnable. Information provided may be shared publicly, if required.

Selected applicants will have to do a presentation on the project to the selection committee.

Applications shall be considered by a selection committee as appointed by the Sponsor of the award and the committee’s decision will be final.

All entries must be submitted through the online portal:


There shall be three winning projects selected for this award. The Awards shall be announced on 24th September 2019.

First Prize

RM 1,000

Second Prize

RM 600

Third Prize

RM 400


UCSI University Student Affairs and Alumni
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UCSI University KL Campus

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