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UCSI TikTok allows students to connect with their friends and family with their online content. This popular social video app is widely used globally and creates avenues for the trailblazing creators. The popularity of the app allows students to produce their favourite videos and share information about their life at UCSI. With TikTok’s huge reach and incredible rate of growth, we are seeing the app changing the way new connections is built, talent is discovered, and cultural diversity being embraced. UCSI University is incorporating “TikTok in Education” to provide more opportunities for creative young talent to experience digital trends and to be digital-savvy generation. Come and join the UCSI virtual community to socialise, network, build friendships and create awareness of your personalised “For You Page” (FYP) feed.

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How to join the UCSI TikTok?


Capture your best UCSI video


Post your TikTok Video at: https://bit.ly/3txnPEr


Add your video to @UCSIUni to claim your ELE and SWA points!

If your video has been selected but ineligible for the ELE or SWA points, you can still redeem a mystery gift from us.

Types of videos you can submit:

- Students trying their hand at the famous TikTok #handclapchallenge.

- Students partake in a viral dance challenge while showing off the university’s sunny campus grounds.

- Students share things they wish they had known about their programmes.

- Interview series whereby students ask their peers or lecturers various questions and compile the answers into a 15-second video.

- Example: Students highlight the different ways that others can learn more about the school.

- A good mix of content that showcases student experience and tips for students – for example, DIY hacks, study hacks, student meal ideas, career advice, etc.

- This could be showcasing a new building, a campus tour, or behind the scenes at one of your projects/events.

Please DO NOT share the following content:

Someone else’s personal information without consent.

Content that threatens public safety

Sexually explicit content

Content that depicts or glorifies self-Harm

Violent or graphic content

Content that promotes illegal activities

Blackmail threats, spam, impersonation, and misinformation

Are you ready to tap into UCSI TikTok?

Join us now and for more information, please email to Tiktok@ucsiuniversity.edu.my

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