Live at CA0201 & CA0202, Block C Annexure, UCSI University (Open to Public)

Infectious Diseases

Catch the highly acclaimed symposium all the way from Edinburgh at UCSI!

Friday, 14 June 2019 | 4PM - 11.40PM

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Session 1

Managing complex hospital infections

  • Towards more rational treatment of sepsis
  • Update on cytomegalovirus (CMV) - what's new in diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • Biologic agents - not all that glitters is gold

Session 2

Global issues - birds, mosquitoes and man

  • Dengue: current challenges and opportunities
    Are we prepared for the next respiratory pandemic? by Dr Catrin Moore, Head of Operations, Epidemic Diseases Research Group Oxford (ERGO)

Session 3

Prevention and management of complicated skin and soft tissue infections

  • Strategic approaches to reducing surgical site infections
  • The challenges of wound infection in complex and hard to heal wounds - optimising diagnosis and management srategies
  • Cellulitis - how can we do better?

Session 4

Interactive cases: rashes - here, there and everywhere

  • Rashes with neurological findings and/or sequelae - 4 cases to whet the appetite
    • The first tale of a ticking bomb:
    • The second tale of a ticking bomb:
    • Old foe number 1:
    • Old foe number 2:

Guest Speakers include

  • Professor Martin Llewelyn
  • Professor Paul Griffiths
  • Professor Gerry Davies
  • Professor Bridget Wills
  • Mr Giles Bond-Smith
  • Claire Stephens
  • Dr Rebecca Sutherland
  • Dr Irantha Rathnayake
  • Dr Sarah Pett
  • Dr Anna Checkley
  • Dr Karen MacSween

All grades of medical, nursing, scientific staff, allied health professionals and medical students are most welcome.

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