Student FAQ
1) What are the advantages of using myCo-Op?  
Through myCo-Op, you will be able to create your own CV, view and apply for job postings, view co-op guidelines and get the necessary documents for co-op placement purposes.
  2) How do I create/edit my CV?
Go to CV -> Edit CV. After you have edited/created your CV, please click ‘Submit My CV Now’. You will be able to edit all information except for your personal particulars.
* You are only able to edit/create a CV during the CV editing period. For special cases, you may contact the Co-Op Education Centre & Job Placement Centre and request to open access for CV editing/creation purposes.
3) When is the CV editing period?
  The Co-Op Education Centre & Job Placement Centre will send an email announcement to all students to inform them about the CV editing period.    
  4) How can I edit my personal particulars?    
  Your personal particulars in myCo-Op are automatically downloaded from your IIS. Therefore, to change your personal particular in myCo-Op, you will need to go to the Registrar Office and request to change your personal particulars in IIS.    
  5) How can I view jobs posted by companies?    
  Go to the ‘Home’ option and you may view the job postings under ‘List of Job Posting for Your Programme’. When employers post jobs through myCo-Op, they will select the targeted faculties and programmes. All students under these programmes will be able to see the job postings when they log into myCo-Op.    
  6) How can I apply to jobs posted by employers?    
  Simply go to Job -> Job Listing and click on the icon under the ‘Apply’ column.    
  7) How do I know if I am selected by employers?    
  Go to the ‘Home’ option and you may view the status of your application under ‘Job Application History’. Employers may also contact you through the contact number in your CV.    
  8) What is ‘Job Evaluation’?    
  If you are hired through myCo-Op, your employer will need to complete ‘Job Evaluation’ at the end of your co-op duration. It is also known as the Co-Op Student Evaluation Form, which you may obtain from the SAA counter.    
  9) Where can I get the required forms for co-op placement?    
  You may find all the required forms under the ‘Resources’ option. Please refer to the ‘Placement Process’ to understand the usage of each form.