Employer FAQ
1) How do I become a Co-Op partner?  
Once your organisation is registered with myCo-Op, you are considered a Co-Op partner.
  2) What is the advantage of being a Co-Op partner?
Co-Op partners may advertise any vacancy in their organisation through myCo-Op either for internship, part-time or full-time positions. The portal also allows Co-Op partners to advertise any event/news related to their company; for example, a post can be made about a blood donation drive hosted by the organisation.
Co-Op partners will also receive other advantages beyond the myCo-Op portal usage such as the opportunity to join UCSI University’s Career Fair, events and awards day.
3) How many people in my company can have access to myCo-Op?
  During registration, only one contact person can be registered under ‘Contact Information’. However, once you are able to log in, you may add as many contact people as you like under the ‘Home’ option. Nevertheless, all contact persons will share the same user ID and password.    
  4) Once I have registered, how do I make changes to my company’s details (e.g. address, person-in-charge, and etc)?    
  You may edit your company’s details under the ‘Home’ option. Then, simply click the ‘Submit’ button.    
  5) How do I change/add new contact people for myCo-Op?    
  You may change/add new contact people under the ‘Home’ option. Simply make the changes under ‘Contact Information’, then click on the ‘Submit’ button.    
  6) How do I advertise a vacancy?    
  Once you log in, go to Job -> Job Posting. Click "Add" to make a new post. Fill in all the required details and click "Save".    
  7) What do I put in the ‘Job Description’?    
  You may include the tasks and responsibilities of the position you are advertising. It cannot be a vague description such as "Reporting to the Head of Department" or "Doing daily tasks". Vague descriptions will result in your job posting being rejected.    
  8) What is ‘Work Term’?    
  Work Term is the duration of the job. For co-op placements, you may select duration of either 2 months or 4 months. For part-time or full-time jobs, simply select ‘Open’ for the duration.    
  9) What is ‘Level Required’?    
  UCSI University students are required to undergo co-op two times or three times (depending on the programme they are studying) throughout their study. Co-op performed for the first time is considered Level 1 while Level 2 applies when it is done for the second time, and so on. You may choose the co-op level based on your preference and the suitability with the vacancy.    
  10) How do I view the status of the vacancy?    
  You may go to Job -> Job Posting and view the status in the ‘Status’ column.    
  11) How do I edit a job posting?    
  You may only edit job postings that have not been approved yet. Simply go to Job -> Job Posting and click on the edit icon under the ‘Edit’ column. Job postings that have been approved can no longer be edited.    
  12) How do I delete a job posting?    
  Go to Job -> Job Posting and click on the delete icon under the ‘Delete’ column.    
  13) How do I view the details of a job posting?    
  Go to Job -> Job Posting and click on the icon under the ‘View Candidates’ column. You will be able to view all details you have keyed in under the job posting.    
  14) How will my vacancy ads be viewed by students?    
  When you complete the Job Posting details, you are required to select the targeted faculties and programmes. All students under these programmes will be able to see your job posting when they log into myCo-Op.    
  15) How do I view the applicants?    
  After you log in into myCo-Op, you will be automatically directed to the Job Posting page. Click on the "View Candidates’ column and you will be able to see the applicants’ CVs under the "Applied" column.    
  16) How do I arrange for interviews with the applicants?    
  The students’ contact numbers will be stated in their CVs; you may contact them directly to arrange for interviews.    
  17) I have not received any application for the vacancy I advertised. Why is that?    
  Students under the targeted faculties will be able to apply to the vacancy if they are interested. If no application is received, it is simply because no student has applied for that vacancy yet.    
  18) What is Student Evaluation?    
  Employers need to evaluate co-op students (interns) who have been hired by the company. The Student Evaluation Form is an online form that employers need to complete at the end of the internship period to evaluate the students’ performance during a Co-Op placement.    
  19) What is the purpose of "Post Event/News"?    
  You may share any event or news related to your company on myCo-Op. This will add value and increase the applicants’ interest in your company.