Malaysia celebrates its 64th Independence Day this year 2021. To you, what does gaining independence mean and how does it impact the future generation of the nation?


Youth are leaders of tomorrow, they say. This saying might have some significance but if tweaked to “youth are leaders of today” it will give a greater meaning and impact because all that matters now is today. Not tomorrow. Today affects tomorrow.

The prevalence of poor leadership is seen through various factors that cause a nation to implode. Different generations have come and passed. The call ‘to empower youth to be leaders of tomorrow’ has been nothing more than a resonance reverberating around classrooms and offices of lawmakers.

The time to harness different talents and abilities within a shared value system starts at schools. One way to tackle this conundrum is to encourage students into understanding the true context of Malaysia, its history and why acting now is essential for nation-building.

Students today will inevitably inherit this country when current leaders slowly move to take the backseats. Now is the time for students to stand up, be noticed and voice out their vision for the country with bright new ideas.

This essay writing competition is a step in the right direction for students to conspicuously articulate their ideas and ideals for how a nation should move forward.

If these appeal to you, we want to hear from you.


Along with the development of a country’s socio-economical status, environmental sustainability is also gaining equal importance. More youths are becoming more educated in the effort to create a greener environment. This has gained more attention from environmental activists and the media as they too want to highlight these positive efforts in the hope that everyone will realise the negative impacts of industrialised activities on the earth and what they can do to remedy them. Following this, more youths start to realise the impact they can make in creating minimal to zero waste in a community in the ASEAN region. This collective effort from all parties should continue on. Youth will one day be blazing trails for greater ideas for tomorrow. This is their chance to stand up, be noticed, and voice their vision for the country. This essay-writing competition will give youths an opportunity to share their ideas on how to create a more sustainable environment.


  1. Open to all high school students between 16 and 20 years old residing in Malaysia
  2. The length of the essay must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words.
  3. The submission must be an original piece of work and well-written in English.
  4. The submission must be from a single author.
  5. The essay must be inspiring and have a persuasive call to action on issues discussed.
  6. The essay must be typed in Times New Roman; 12 point, justified, 1.5 between lines, 2.0 between paragraphs.
  7. All entries must be submitted through the online portal:


First Prize

  • RM5,000 cash
  • 100% tuition fee waiver*
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Second Prize

  • RM3,000 cash
  • RM10,000 tuition fee waiver*
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Third Prize

  • RM1,500 cash
  • RM8,000 tuition fee waiver*
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Fourth Prize

  • RM1,000 cash
  • RM5,000 tuition fee waiver*
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Fifth Prize

  • RM800 cash
  • RM3,000 tuition fee waiver*
  • Trophy
  • Certificate

Consolation Prize (15)

  • RM400 cash
  • RM2,000 tuition fee waiver*
  • Certificate

* Terms and Conditions apply

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Closing date for entries:

31 August 2021

Announcement of Winners and Prize Giving Ceremony:

21 September 2021

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